Create the FAST Search Content Search Service Application

The FAST Search Content Search Service Application enables the crawling of content by MS SharePoint Server 2010. This post is the sequel of the FS4SP deployment post. 

Create and set up the Content SSA

In the Central Administration, Application Management create a new Search Service Application.


When the creation of the new Search Service Application has been processed, you should get the SA created successfully message.


Configure SSL enabled communication

FS4SP automatically generates a self-signed certificate during post-setup. This section describes how to use this self-signed certificate in a test environment. In a production environment you should use certificates issued by a proper Certificate Authority.

Copy the script securefastsearchconnector.ps1 and the certificate FASTSearchCert.pfx from the FAST Search Server 2010 admin server to the SharePoint Server 2010.


On the SharePoint Server open MS SharePoint 2010 Management Shell and run SecureFastSearchConnector.ps1. Enter the certificate password.

Add a content source

The content source defines the type of crawled content, the URLs to be crawled and the crawling schedule. On the FASTMultinodeContent Search Service Administration Page, click Content Sources –> New Content Source.


Select the start full crawl check box and click OK.

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